3 real estate terminologies to help you invest.

land audience and corner piece

Today, we will be shedding light on 3 real estate terminologies to help you invest:

Land Allocation, Corner Piece and land swapping.

– Land allocation refers to the process by which parcels of land are designated for specific uses or purposes by government authorities or land management organizations. It involves assigning portions of available land for various activities, such as residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, recreational, and public use. Land allocation is a crucial aspect of urban and regional planning to ensure efficient land use, sustainable development, and the equitable distribution of resources.

– A “corner piece” typically refers to a parcel of land that is situated at the corner of two intersecting streets or roads. In real estate terminology, a corner piece often holds strategic value due to its unique location and increased visibility.

– Land swapping, also known as land exchange or land trade, is a process in which two parties agree to exchange parcels of land that they own. This exchange typically occurs when both parties find it mutually beneficial to trade properties for various reasons. Land swapping can involve private individuals, corporations, governments, or other entities.
Now you know the difference! Go ahead to make a smarter real estate decision! 💃



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