3 Tips To Avoid Fire Outbreak In Your Home

Fire outbreak can be devastating for homeowners and they are incidents some never recover from. So, we have prepared 3 tips to help you avoid this incident. To be forewarned they say is to be forearmed.

  1. Be Cautious of Electrical Appliances and Points:

You have to be safety-conscious by ensuring that you turn off all your electrical appliances before leaving home or when there is no power. Also you should be sure to unplug all electrical appliances that are not in use. You should also be careful not to overload your electrical fuse and ensure all electrical installations are properly done.

  1. Make Sure Your Electrical Works Are Done By Professionals:  

Contact a professional to fix intensive electrical jobs in your home while you can handle small jobs such as changing bulbs.  Don’t try to save money by calling a “quack” or doing it yourself. This might result in regrets. Also be cautious while cooking. Whether you are cooking next to an electric appliance or not, adequate care should be taken in the kitchen as it is proven to be a quick spot for fire to spurt. You shouldn’t be far from the kitchen when cooking.

  1. Don’t store flammable materials at home:

A common cause of fire outbreak in Nigeria has been traced to people keeping flammable materials at home such as petrol, kerosene and cooking gas. While storing this at home is not entirely bad, the temperature and location where it is stored truly matters. For those using generators, your excess fuel should not be stored where your generator is kept whether the generator is on or not. Also your generator should not be refueled while on to avoid fire outbreak. And avoid burning things, a lot of us do tend to burn some materials. Aside from the fact that this affects our eco system, it could also cause fire – if the flame is not properly controlled.

Bonus: Have a fire extinguisher. The importance of a fire extinguisher cannot be undermined as anything can happen at any time. To be on the safe side, be prepared with your extinguisher.



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