How To Reinvent Yourself



Just because everything in your life is running smoothly right now doesn’t mean that is how it will always be. You may start a new business, moving out of the country, fall in and out of love or even lose a loved one.  

In other words, life happens and it can completely turn you upside down. But that is not what matters, what truly matters is how you pick yourself up and move on. So here are 5 quick ways to do that.

  1. Be Determined

There are times in our lives when we’re forced to reinvent ourselves. I’ve found that if you don’t want to change, you never will. Because it is so easy to continue to do what you’ve always done and be in your comfort zone. So, if you really want change, first of all be determined.

2. Wake up early

It is okay not to be a morning person. A lot of us were not brought up to wake up earlier than 5am but in order to reinvent yourself, you have to unlearn somethings and learn new things.

Once you start waking up early, you will discover that you will have more time to get things done and learn more activities that would make you a better person.

3. Prioritize your tasks

Reinventing yourself doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedication and patience. To make the transformation run more smoothly, you should dedicate at least one hour per day towards achieving your goals. That means that you need to prioritize your goals and tasks by creating a to-do-lists and time management tools so that you get the most out of your time as you focus on reinventing yourself.

4. Attach yourself to the right people

In todays interconnected world, it is easier than ever to network with people from all over the world. While people have associated social networking with meeting new friends and finding job opportunities, you can also connect with people who can change you for the better. You can be a mentee to people you ordinarily would not have met by following them and applying the advice shared on their social media pages. You could even send them personal messages and have them respond to you directly.


5. Learn.

Whether by reading or attending a workshop or seminar, find ways to enhance your knowledge. It will make you a well-rounded individual and help you grow both personally and professionally. Lifelong learning also makes you more motivated, develop mental skills, and introduces you to new people and thoughts.

Bonus:  Find a mentor.

“Someone has to show you how it is done. There are 3 types of mentors out there;

  • Direct: The mentor is in front of you and will guide you.
  • Indirect: These are mentors who aren’t physically with you, like authors, business people who are succeeding etc.
  • Everything can be a mentor: If you are really ready to learn and your heart is receptive, you can learn from everything and anything. Even the smallest of all things – think about it.





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