These days, the real estate business is closer to us than it was before but when most people are told to come buy property, they tend to shy away. We can’t blame them, mostly because a lot of people have fallen victims to fraudulent individuals disguising as real estate agents. And every other person who has heard their tales is trying to be careful when asked to invest in real estate.

However, I am of the school of thought that if the benefits of buying a property are completely understood, we wouldn’t shy away from it rather we would be more careful and do our proper assignments before purchasing.

For the purpose of this article, I want us to look more into the futuristic aspect of buying a property. Do you remember when the latest car in Nigeria was a Volkswagen and it was so expensive that it was sold for 500 naira? This was sometime in the early 1800’s, today we have more expensive and advanced cars. Now imagine if you had bought a property and a car back then, I bet the car would be long spoilt. Even if the car was not spoilt, I know you wouldn’t want to be seen driving it around right now. As for the property, it would have appreciated as property never depreciates. Can you imagine how much the property will be worth right now?

Another interesting point to note is that property secures your funds and also guarantees a steady inflow of income. So you do not only end up saving your own money, you also are making money in advance for the future. You ultimately spend other people’s money to make your fortunes provided you heed advice and are smart about what you buy, where you buy and what you buy the property for.

Also it is easier if you multiply your investment. Once you succeed with your first property purchase, you can either sell and make a good profit or you can go back to the bank, armed with strong financial books and apply for a second or third investment.

Anyway you decide to go about it, property investment will still end up as a win for you because Property is considered to be one of the most secure investments you could ever make – you may not be at a stage where you are a serial property investor, but owning property rather than renting is a step in the right direction.

That is why we at Christal Homes, we are determined to make property investment an achievable goal for everyone with just a little money, you can own your property here in Nigeria in and out of Lagos. Check our website for more information.



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