4 Facts About Short-Let Properties

A short-let is a property which can be rented for a few weeks to a few months. Any kind of property can be on a short-let, from studio apartments to bungalows to ten-bedroom duplexes. Short-lets are usually offered with bills included in the rent. They are not popular in Nigeria because just a few people know about it, and just a few house owners are willing to be part of it. This may, however, be because they are not well informed about the advantages. But below are a few secrets why short-lets thrive around the world.

  1. Short-term rentals are profits for owners and tenants

Come to think of it, what benefit do you have from an empty flat without occupants or a serviced apartment you want to sell but is still empty – absolutely nothing. So make money from it. You are entitled to cash from your apartment by adding almost nothing to it. I am sure you would appreciate the extra income.

Tenants would rather rent a house than spend their hard earned money on a charmless hotel room, where the only means of catering is a kettle and a tea bag. Short-lets cost less compared to hotels. Rental prices are dependent on size, condition, and location of the property. A three bedroom duplex in Lekki may cost 80,000 per day, while a three-bedroom duplex in Apapa may cost 80,000 per week.

  1. Your Property is rented out exactly as it is

Both homeowners and tenants need to be relatively free-spirited. Your property is rented out exactly as it is. Tenants don’t expect it to be perfect – they’re paying much less than they would stay in a hotel, where you have to eat out for at least two meals a day.

  1. It is needed for flexible business travel

Travel has changed. People are travelling more, and not just for leisure, employees have become used to flexible business travel with International companies looking to share skills and experience across the globe. When travelling for leisure people are looking to immerse themselves in the culture of the country, wanting to discover the best places no one knows about and when travelling for business, people want space and home – like facilities.  So everybody wants the home feel, whether on a business travel or for leisure. Let them have it, while you make more money.

  1. It is a cheaper alternative to hotel Accommodation

The simple concept of local hosts renting out their spare rooms to friendly travelers appeals to many and often offers a cheaper alternative to hotel accommodation. The same way a studio apartment or a room mini flat may be a good idea for somebody travelling to Lagos, from Abuja.

The good news is that some serviced apartments offer short let services, so you can enjoy the service of a hotel, in a residential environment and pay far less than a hotel. For me, it is the best alternative to a hotel.

Companies offering short-term lets have worked to make the process as simple as possible, taking care of the whole booking and payment process with just a few clicks. You then also have your very own local host to tap for knowledge on the area so you can find all the best places that aren’t generally in the tour guides on the website. It’s a truly personal way to see a city.




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