5 Things You Should Know About Victoria Island


Victoria Island is one of the most exclusive and expensive areas to reside in Lagos. It is a part of Lagos rumored to be reserved for the elites. Victoria Island popularly called V.I is an affluent island that comprises of a former island of the same name that sits between Lekki Peninsular and Lagos Island in the Lagos Lagoon. It is one of the areas under the Eti Osa Local Government in Lagos. Victoria Island is located on the other half of Lagos.


Below, we educate you about the things that are fascinating and interesting about Victoria Island.

  1. It Is Considered The Business Hub Of Lagos: This part of Lagos is not just home to some of the upper-class citizens, it is also considered the business hub of the city. The claims to these are not far-fetched as it is home to international companies/brands and headquarters to some of Nigeria’s financial institutions.
  2. It is residential as well: Victoria Island is a business hub and home to top financial institutions in the country, is also one of those places you can actually raise your kids if you are looking to get away from the ‘noisy’ Lagos. Though there have been significant talks about this area, what most of these talks are focused on are its business side which has not only put it on the Lagos mapbut also in Nigeria.
  3. It is well known for traffic jam: Lagosis a city synonymous to many things of which business and traffic jam would always top the chart; however, what is often not said that Victoria Island is arguably the place in which these things are concentrated. If you ever get to experience this part of the state at peak hours, you might wonder how it accommodates half the city’s entire population. This is due to a large number of people working on the Victoria Island and living on the mainland. In fact, Lagos is considered one of the toughest places to live in Nigeria, and West Africa. This is largely due to its population which ranks top when compared to other states. It is the business hub of the country and home to diverse people from a wide range of countries and tribes. Lagos is that place people come in search of greener pastures.


  1. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Lagos Lagoon: Victoria Island, like other areas on the Island, is surrounded by water – majorly the Atlantic Ocean and the Lagos Lagoon. It is that part of Lagos state that has distinguished itself as a business hub yet maintaining its conduciveness as a residential area.
  2. It houses Lagos Elites: As accustomed to most Lagos Island areas, Victoria Island is the abode of upper-class citizens – the celebrities, oil moguls, politicians and persons with deep pockets. Unlike what you come across on some of the Lagos mainland roads, the roads here are interlocked. Another outstanding feature of Victoria Island is that it is the focal point for everything luxury and fun – from restaurants, hotels down to nightclubs.

It is due to the good road network that most businesses have their headquarters in this part of Lagos. This part of Lagos, despite the population, is relatively peaceful, making it one of the places where expatriates love to live. Victoria Island also provides a considerable amount of beautiful sea views.

(Bonus) It can be Flooded: Yea this is a bonus. It is also known to be quite flooded in cases of massive downpour. On a lighter note, You might want to have a yatch when buying a home in Victoria Island.




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