5 Ways Your Home Can Survive The Raining Season In Nigeria

In Nigeria, the rainy season is characterized by heavy rainfall, one that often leads to the destruction of household materials and an increase in the number of Mosquitoes especially if your drainage is not clean.

If not prepared for, your home is affected a great deal from the frequent downpour, even though the season is almost over for this year. These tips will still be helpful for as many that have been struggling with the rain destroying their property as well as in subsequent raining seasons.

Note, that you shouldn’t wait till the rainy season begins before you get your house ready for it. In Nigeria, your home can survive the heavy downpour if;


1. Fix Leaking Roof

The first thing to do to avoid your property from being destroyed by the rain is to ensure you don’t have any leaking roof. Examine your roof carefully to look for cracks before the rain begins, inspect the ridge as well as the edges where your shingles fold over to form the cap to ensure that you do not have any missing, loose or curled shingles.

Also, check for holes or rusty spots. if there are things that need to be repaired, repair them or replace them to avoid moisture leaks inside your home that can damage your wall, ceilings and cause more expensive damages.


2. Clean Your Gutters


Flooding is often associated with the rainy season and this is usually triggered by lack of a good drainage system or clogged gutters.

You are good to go if you don’t have blocked drainages when your drainages are blocked with waste the flow of water becomes obstructed. Thus, this stagnant water starts breeding mosquitoes.

That’s why before the rain comes, you should inspect your gutters to make sure that they drain properly and that they do not cause water to back up. If you do not have any gutters at all, you may want to build one.


3. Install Mosquito Nets


The rainy season also comes with mosquitoes, most especially in Lagos, most occupants are terrorized by these insects. As earlier stated, with the frequent downpour come water puddles and these puddles form breeding grounds for mosquitoes which transmit the awful malaria parasite.

To protect yourself and household from getting infected and falling sick, ensure you install mosquito nets around your sleeping areas. You could also make use of insecticide sprays and mosquito coils. “Sniper” is a product that is also good and effective in warding off mosquitoes.

4. Fix Electrical Issues


To avoid getting electrocuted during the rainy season, make sure you fix every identifiable electrical issue in your home. You could get an electrician to perform a professional check on every area of the home.

Make use of surge protectors to protect your gadget from shocks and damage should there be lightning strikes and the likes.


5. Fix Doors and Windows

To survive the rainy season, your doors need to be in perfect condition.  thoroughly check them to identify damages that need fixing such as holes and worn out locks. If you have a wooden door, you can paint it with water-absorbing paint. or get a professional furniture maker to run a check on the doors and windows, to fix hinges and ensure your doors are in good conditions.

To survive the rainy season in Nigeria, ensure your home is in good condition so you don’t suffer any damage as a result of the heavy rainfall. Hope this was helpful?



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