7 Steps to Keep Your House Safe While Away

Trips and vacations can be a very exciting experience; I mean who does not look forward to vacationing in “the abroad” or even just a local get away to the next state. But as exciting as this can be, there can also be the worry of safety for your things that you are leaving behind.

No more worries as this article will put you through a step by step guide on how to safeguard your properties and belongings.

Step 1: Camera/CCTV

Technology has made life easier for all of us, as you can be wherever you want to be at any time you want! Installing a camera or CCTV on your property can safeguard your property as intruders will know your property is being watched and protected. Cameras can also insure your property in the case of break ins as you would be able to see who, where and when the breaking in took place and how. You might even be able to identify the intruder(s).

Step 2: Leave the light outside on

Leaving the outside light on can and will create an illusion that someone is on the premises. If the property is at a total black out, it is easy to realize that no one is home and this gives intruders time to start planning to break in.

Step 3: Unplug

No one knows when power issues can occur especially in this part of the world where PHCN is a joke. Unplug all electrical appliances before travelling to keep them save and guarantee longevity.

Step 4: Don’t post your absence on social media

The world as we all know is now a digital world, and I know how tempting it is to want to post our progress or plans on social media as I have fallen into that trap myself plenty times. But in one word, I will say “DON’T”. Don’t do it. You would agree with me that almost everyone is now on social media and who can tell what people do behind closed doors. Posting your absence on social media gives information on your movement and this information is useful for people who want to intrude. So do not post your absence on social media.

Step 5: Keep Valuables Away

You might want to keep your gold and diamonds out of your house for the period at which you would be away. A bank save is safer than your empty house for your valuables.

Step 6: Remove Spare Keys from Outdoors

I know I am not the only person that keeps my spare keys under my welcome foot mat and research has it that, that is the first-place burglars’ check before breaking in. So take away your spare keys from outside your house, you can give them to someone trusted or inside your house. But in whatever you do, do not leave them outside.

Step 7: Trust a Friend

We all need someone to trust and someone to watch our back. So trust someone with your whereabouts and let them have your emergency contacts in case something happens while you are away.




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