Christal Homes Slashes Land Prices For Oct. 1st

1st of October, 1960 is a memorable day in the history of Nigeria. It is the day the country got her total freedom (Independence) from the British colony that ruled her for years.

On this historic day, the British Union Jack was lowered and replaced by the nation’s Green-white-green flag. Many popped Champagne with happiness of the freedom from the colonial masters. And with the independence, a new constitution, establishing a federal system with an elected prime minister and a ceremonial head of state was established. From then, Nigerians took over the reins of leadership from foreigners.

Since then, every October 1st has remained a memorable one for Nigerians and to facilitate this, Christal Homes has decided to make this year’s celebration unforgettable by giving every Nigerian an opportunity to become a home owner.

How? By giving a discount on all her estates. Yes, the prices have been slashed to make the estates more affordable. Check out the new prices… 


Christal Villa: Queen’s Court

Title: C of O

Actual Price: N10,000,000

Promo Price: N5,000,000


Christal Villa: King’s Court

Title: Approved Excision

Actual Price: N5,000,000

Promo Price: N2,500,000


Christal Villa: Kentops

Title: C of O

Actual Price: N3,000,000

Promo Price: N2,500,000


Christal Villa: Garden

Title: Excision In Process

Actual Price: N2,500,000

Promo Price: N2,000,000


And guess what? This promotion will run all through the month of October.

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria!










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