Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For These Things



Many of us find it difficult to ask people (even people close to us) for things. Maybe it is part of the side effects of being Self Independent. But in real estate investment, there are some things that are your right and you should never be afraid to ask for them. This article is to guide you through, in case you don’t know or someone might guilt trip you into not asking. So, in no particular order – below are the list of things you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for:

  1. Documents

Before buying a real estate property, the property should have a title or some sort of documentation. Asking to see the documents before payment is your right, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You can ask to see the document, and verify it. If they cannot leave the originals with you, you can ask for clear copies and verify them before making payments.

  1. Receipt

For every property transaction you make, no matter how small the amount you pay is, it is your right to ask for a receipt. Your receipt is the evidence of the payment you made, without a receipt, you can be denied a property you paid for and there will be no prove you actually paid the money. The moment you sense the second party stalling on producing a receipt, demand for your money back if it is not too late to avoid being defrauded.

  1. Change of Plans

Don’t be afraid to back out of plans at the last minute. One of my personal mottos in life is: Listen to your Instincts. Your real estate agent might have been putting a lot of work in getting you a property you wanted before, and you might be feeling guilty to change plans at the last minute but do not be afraid to change your mind if it feels off to you. Remember, a broken deal is better than a wasted deal.

  1. A Flexible Payment Plan

Do not be afraid to ask for a flexible payment plan or a spread of payment. Remember, your investment should be based on the lent of your pocket and you are not required to outweigh yourself. For every one organization that would not give you a flexible payment plan, there are 10 others that will. Moreover, what is the worse that could happen if you ask for a flexible payment plan, you get a “NO” and you will move on to another one who will say “YES”.

  1. More Time to think about it

An Investment made in haste might end up in regrets, do not be bullied into fear of asking for more time. If it does not seem right to you, do not be afraid to ask for more time to consider it. Although there is a slim line between asking for more time to think and stalling. Ask for time to think and make research about what you are about to venture into is the right thing to do.



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