Holidays Over… What To Do?



Let me officially welcome you to 2019. I trust you had restful holidays. I am quite sure that after the merriment, a lot of us (I inclusive) are not so enthusiastic about going back to work. Instead of focusing on that, focus on the good parts – like you are alive… you have a job… you are healthy… etc.  Remember, gratitude promotes positive thinking and positivity attracts good energy. So, here is a quick one on how to get our “Work Engine” running again.

  1. Give yourself some incentives: The first step is for you to remind yourself that you deserve to get pampered over and over again. So, the first thing is to treat yourself to one of your favorite things. Your favourite cup of coffee maybe or some snacks on your way to work because happiness is inside out. Also, remember to schedule something nice after work to give you something to look forward to. This doesn’t have to be expensive.
  2. Adopt a Mantra: Mantras are positive statements that help us to keep moving in times we don’t want to. Adopting a mantra and religiously repeating it would help to shift your mind into where you want it to be (at work). Personally, my mantra is “If anyone can do it, I can and I totally should”.
  3. Take the day one step at a time: Baby steps… Remember you have been away for a while, your body might have adjusted to a new pattern that is not aligned with work. So, take your day one step at a time, do not rush yourself. Celebrate little victories and be positive about getting more done.
  4. 4. Make things easier for you: Bill Gates once said: “I give the hardest job to a lazy person because a lazy person would find the easiest way to do it”. While I am not saying you should be lazy, I am saying you should look at easy ways to do some tasks and stress yourself less. Have a timed to-do list and cross out activities that are not really important.
  5. Practice Gratitude: Instead of feeling miserable and wishing you don’t have to work, focus on being grateful that you have a job. Focus on the good part like the great weather, the great people in your life, good health, etc.



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