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A realtor is anyone who has earned a license to sell property. Whether you’re to buy, sell, or rent property, it’s important to know the basics of choosing a realtor who suits your needs. Realtors cannot just be chosen randomly, there are things you need to put into considerations before deciding who to choose among all the realtors you have you seen.
The choice of a realtor that you choose will directly affects the outcome of both residential and commercial transactions. So, here is how to choose a realtor:
The first and important things you must accomplish when choosing a realtor is to establish a clear communication line. You need to be completely comfortable talking and communicating with the realtor. If it feels awkward or if there is undue pressure placed on you by the realtor, this is not the right fit. You will want to choose the person you are free to talk to, who is ready and willing to listen to you.

Check their network.
Ask the realtor you are interviewing about his/her database and center of influence. Aside from the types of clients they work with or the type of deals they specialize in, you want to get an idea of the sort of people they’re acquainted with. What you’re mainly looking out for is if they know other business owners in your area. Those businesses may not have been their clients, but having a relationship of some sort with other business owners will allow your agent to acquire valuable information on what they can do to best serve you as a client.

Market Information Interpretation.
The best way to evaluate a potential Realtor is their ability to interpret meaningful real estate data. For professional and experienced realtors, real estate data isn’t difficult to find. The key to success is how well they are able to analyze and interpret available data for their clients. Agents armed with the ability to interpret complete market information have an opportunity to showcase expertise in offering sellers a true market value of a property.

Can the realtor protect you from Litigation?
You want to hire a realtor because you want to achieve your property investment dreams professionally, effectively and efficiently. Most people stop there and do not look into what may be equally important. It is easy to find someone who sells a lot of properties, or is successful with tenants. It is harder to find a Realtor who will be able to protect you from involvement in litigation after the transaction. The number 1 complaint (and the one most damaging to reputation) with Realtors after the transaction occurs when one of the parties is sued, or needs to sue. Find a Realtor who:
Works at the profession full time;
Is connected with a “hands on” broker;
Has a well-recognized real estate lawyer on call, to answer questions and draft language before a problem arises;
Has a team of inspectors on-call.
is respected by other professionals in the area.

It’s best to interview as much as you can before picking the one you work with. Focus on their expertise neighborhood. Ask yourself, “are they marketing themselves or their properties?”. Also, can you trust them, are they honest? Chemistry is the key. Once your chemistry clicks then it’s a go.

Understand and pursue your intuition and gut feeling.
Your brain uses logic and emotion when making a decision, and that specific feeling you get when doing so is your intuition and your gut feeling. If you’re interviewing a realtor for the job, first look to see that they do a lot of business and have a lot of raving fans. Second, go with your gut feeling. If it feels right, he or she is the person you need for the job.

It is important you achieve all the above point if you want a better result when choosing a realtor. Anything out of this is a no go area as you wouldn’t want to hire an amateur or choose solely on the experience they have. Choose someone relatable and real.



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