Land Tenure system in Nigeria.

land tenure

The Land Tenure System is a process of giving property ownership to individuals or groups of people depending on the usage of the land.
Nigeria has a diverse and complex land tenure system and we will speak about it today.

1. Freehold Tenure System: Individuals who subscribe to the Freehold tenure system pay a predetermined amount for the right to own a plot of land. Upon obtaining it, you can use it as collateral for a loan. The larger the land, the greater the payment. The land is surveyed and closed by signing backup documents.

2. Inheritance Tenure System:
In this case, land ownership is transferred to the next of kin. Thus, lands are provided for both born and unborn children. Some villages transfer lands to the children upon their parents’ death.

3. Communal Land Tenure system: The community becomes the ruling power of the land under this system. The head of the community determines the sharing ratio. Farming on a large scale is often encouraged, but a single individual cannot claim ownership of the land or even use it as security.

4. Leasehold Tenure System:
An individual is granted temporary ownership of a plot of land by some form of a title from the owner. During the lease period, an individual may have temporary access to the land, but cannot use it as collateral for loans.

5. Gift Tenure System:
This type of land ownership is when the landowner gives up his or her land voluntarily and without being coerced by anybody. Since the new owner now owns the full and permanent title to the land, he can use it as collateral for a loan.

6. Rent Tenure System:
The tenants pay a rent amount to the landlord for the period that they use the property. Depending on the agreement and terms, the rent period could be one to two years.

7. Tenants at Government Will:
According to this system, land is leased by the Nigerian government to farmers for cultivation. The land is mostly used for large-scale farming and crop production. The land is relatively inexpensive to acquire.



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