Real Estate Businesses You Can Start With Zero Capital (1)



Over time, Real Estate has proven to be a sure way to grow wealth and almost everyone, if not everyone, wants to have a robust real estate portfolio. I want to, I don’t know about you. For most people, when you talk about real estate, they really want to key in and have investment that will spout into huge returns for them but they always find it challenging to do so.

Most people think real estate is challenging, they feel real estate is not easy to dive into, they don’t know how they’ll start and what to do. They feel they need a huge sum of money before they start investing in real estate. But that’s not true. You don’t need to have so much money before you start investing in real estate. That’s why we have this topic.

These are the types of Real Estate business you can start including one with zero capital:

  1. LAND FLIPPING. This is a process where you acquire land and you sell back almost immediately for profit gain. You don’t buy to hold for long. This is one of the smartest investments you can think of. Land flipping requires little energy and effort for you to pull it through, once you have your money (This requires money and an inept knowledge of real estate, buying, selling and land ownership). For land flipping, the advantage is that you can start flipping land as low as 1 plot.

A client of mine told me about how she started flipping with 1 plot. According to her, she started real estate business by mistake. As a youth corper, she did not have so many responsibilities. After service she got married, needed money and decided to sell the land. She thought she would sell for the same amount she bought, but fortunately for her she decided to engage the service of a professional real estate agent and she found out that her land has actually appreciated in multiple folds. She made 7 times the amount she bought it in less than 2 years. Although she sold the land but she was able to see that it is a good business and that is how she started and now she is a multi-millionaire just through land flipping. So, this is an aspect of real estate you can take advantage of and start a business in.

2. OPEN SPACE LEASING. This is another simple, unique and easy real estate business you can engage in. This involves you getting a property in a fantastic location. When it comes to open space leasing, location is KEY. Open space leasing requires you get a property in a fantastic location. You can rent for market shift use, churches, for car wash business, for bars, for phone calls centers, and so on.

It is an open space you rent out for business use and they keep paying you rentals. Money keeps coming in and the value of your property keeps appreciating. On the long run, if you still want to trade that property you will still make a lot of money because as people keeps using it and paying you rent for it, it keeps appreciating.  Remember, you have to get a really good location for this.

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