What Truly Matters

It is not living that matters, it is living rightly – Socrates.

So many times, in life, we tend to forget and lose focus of the things that matters or truly matters. We forget that time is the only fleeting gift offered to us and once lost, can never be recovered. This article is aimed at highlighting a few things that we feel truly matters and should be prioritized in life.

1. A Sound Faith

Inside every human being is believed to be a huge gap. A gap that yearns to love and be loved in return. Often times we tend to try to fill that gap with people, things and activities. But the more we do that, the more we yearn for those things and eventually get bored. Personally, I believe that hole or yearning is our soul calling out to God for His infinite love and relationship.

So, whatever you do in life, have something to believe in. Some sort of faith to place your heart on to push you in cloudy days.

2. Family

Apart from a sound faith, another important thing that should matter to us is our family. These are the set of people who will always be there for us regardless of what happens to us or how far we have gone. We didn’t get to choose our family, they are gift that was given to us that will never leave us in troubled times. So, we should hold them in high regards and care for them because at the end of the day, we will still end up in their arms.

3. A Financial Stronghold

Going through life, another thing that matters is being able to be independent financially. It is a bonus if you can create your own financial stronghold early enough in life. It will be a basis that will hold you down later on in life and make you not dependent on anyone. Hence been able to make your own decisions and stand by it.

4. Integrity

We live in a world where people have lost their conscience and integrity. A whole lot of people have seen it as a normal occurrence to be mean and tell lies. This is wrong, having your integrity intact will save you a lot of stress and earn you respect and trust from people.



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